[Week 1] Day 3 – 6 Post ACL Reconstruction Surgery Recovery

This is the report for day 3 – 6 post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery:

Day 3

Pain – 7/10

Mobility – 3/10

Life has pretty much settled into a routine. Because the pain from the leg acts up each time I walk, I try to minimise walking. However, the correct way to do it should be to try to walk more and put weight on my right knee to facilitate recovery. Swelling still have not gone down, while pain has not subsided.  I’m also off pain medications as I do not want to be reliant on them. However, this would explain the pain in my knee.

Night time visits to the toilet present the most painful time for my knee. Perhaps because it’s been in that state of rest for the last few hours, so as soon as my leg touches the ground, the pain shoots through my leg.

Day 4

Pain – 6/10

Mobility – 3/10

The pain has decreased slightly today (remember I’m completely off pain killers), but mobility remains bad because of the pain when I walk. Swelling still remains the same.

If I try hard, I’m able to take one or two unsteady steps without crutches. Right leg still unstable.

Day 5

Pain 5/10

Mobility 3/10

Achievement unlocked today. For the first time since surgery, I’m able to lift my right leg on its own just based on my right quad muscles. With ACL surgery, the muscles in the leg, especially the quads, will shut down and shrink. That is why rehab is so important, to reactivate the muscles (and of course the ligament) so when the ACL heals, the range of motion will still be there.

Post ACL recon Leg Lift rehab

Being able to lift my leg on its own feels great, though it takes some concentration for me to lift it up. There is still pain, especially after elevating my leg for a few hours, and then walking off. The initial rush when the blood rushes to the knee is well shall we say, very painful.

Day 6

Pain – 6/10

Mobility – 3/10

Woke up a few times in the night with pain in the knee, and had to adjust the leg brace strap. Once I did it subconsciously, as I woke up and it was already unbuckled. Luckily I didn’t take it off as I would have surely tried to bend my leg in my sleep which a big no-no.

At this point in time, life is pretty much set. When my leg is elevated, I feel fine. But as soon as I put my leg down to go somewhere, blood rushes to my knee and the whole knee would burst in pain.

Discovered two things today:

  1. The area around my shin (under the skin) is swollen and filled with liquid. Because when I press down, it forms a depression for about a minute before becoming normal again.
  2. My right calf is now a lot smaller than my left calf.

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