[Week 2] Day 8 – 11 Post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery

Day 8 (week 2)

Pain – 8/10

Mobility – 3.5/10

After the horrid day yesterday, today was slightly better. Perhaps because of the pain yesterday, today felt much better. Today I decided to eat a painkiller (Tramadol), something which I haven’t done since day 2. The result was a very sleepy and drowsy me the whole afternoon. I took an afternoon nap, and after the nap I had lunch and decided to proceed back to sleep. The pain was controlled though. So it’s either sleepy and drowsy or pain.

I decide to go with the “scorch earth” policy for my physiotherapy, meaning I’ll try to break my own pain barrier each time. Since after the physio session with the physiotherapist, I knew I could push my boundaries. I still suffer intense pain each time I do the straight leg raise, but if I push it hard enough, tomorrow will be a better day for my leg, and I will recover faster.

Discovered additional bruising behind my knee (after ACL reconstruction surgery) today, which was probably there all along but which I couldn’t see till now when my leg has regained some motion.

(*update – doc said that it’s normal to have bruising and that it will go away on it’s own once my leg heals)

Bruising behind knee

Bruising behind knee

Day 9 (week 2)

Pain – 6/10

Mobility – 4/10

Pain decreased today, and my mobility increased. I can now walk from my toilet to my room, which is about 10 metres without crutches. But it’s a lot of limping movement. Nonetheless, feels great to walk without crutches, if only for that short little while.

I’m still pushing myself hard for physiotherapy, because from what I experienced, if I fight through the pain barrier, tomorrow will be a better day for my leg.

I still trouble straightening my leg to 0 degrees. It seems my natural knee tendency is now at about 7 degrees (as measured by the physiotherapist), which can’t be good. I have to work harder on the leg straightening exercises.

As to pain killers, I feel I didn’t need them today. I’ll update again as to if and when I do need and decide to take pain killers. The type given to me is Tramadol.

The area below my right knee is still very yellow. Here’s an update to the condition:

(*update – doc said that it’s the iodine they put prior to surgery on my leg. I should give it a good scrub down and it should resolve itself)

Area below knee yellow after acl reconstruction surgery

Area below right knee yellow after ACL reconstruction surgery (Day 9 – Week 2)

Day 10 (week 2)

Pain – 5/10

Mobility – 4.2/10

My mobility improved today, and I can walk more stable as compared to yesterday without the crutches. I still rely on the crutches, but I was just trying to see if I could walk without it. The leg/knee brace certainly helped me in walking crutches-free.

Had a friend visit today, and she had an operation (non-leg related) previously. She was saying that after the wound heals, which is about 14 days, the path to recovery just skyrockets. I’m almost approaching that mark where my wound will heal and the stitches will be taken out. I’ll keep you informed if that’s true in that regard.

Here’s an update to the yellow knee situation:

(*update – doc said that it’s the iodine they put prior to surgery on my leg. I should give it a good scrub down and it should resolve itself)

area below knee yellow after acl reconstruction surgery week 2 day 10

Area below knee yellow after ACL reconstruction surgery (week 2 – day 10)


Day 11 (week 2)

Pain – 4/10

Mobility – 4.5/10

Mobility improved again today, and pain also decreased. Still pushing my leg for physio, though I think I can do more and do better. Tomorrow I’ll have a doctor’s appointment as well as physiotherapy, so hoping the physiotherapist can share with me my progress. I have to walk (appear like I’m walking normally on stage) in 14 days because of work, so my timeline right now is quite tight. Hope I’ll be able to make it if not I’m quite screwed.

I can pretty much walk without the crutch, though I’m very hesitant in the event I injure my knee further. Otherwise, in all I have improved considerably since my surgery 11 days ago.

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