Post ACL Surgery Helpful Tip #2 – Get a trolley tray before surgery

 Post ACL Surgery Helpful Tip #2 – Get a trolley tray before you go for ACL surgery


trolley traytrolley tray 2



The reasoning is very simple, in fact, so simple that I’m not sure why I haven’t thought of it earlier. After surgery, your leg will be in pain and you will need both crutches to walk around. As much as you try, for at least the first week or two, you will need both crutches, and that means both of your hands will be busy.

So how would you take your bowl of cornflakes, and bring it in front of the couch to watch television? Unless you have a maid at your beck and call, otherwise, this trolley tray will be very useful for you to attempt to lead the lifestyle prior to ACL surgery. You can put whatever you wish on this trolley – your cornflakes, drinks, food etc – and slowly limp and push it to wherever you’re going to go.

So there you have it, helpful tip #2, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have thought about this earlier. Remember to get it before your ACL surgery!

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