[Week 10] Post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery

Recovery has gone on much faster at this point. My leg feels so much better.

Hamstring still cramps up

My hamstrings still cramp up when I sit for too long. So I do still have to do plenty of hamstring stretches to ensure that my hamstring does not cramp up. I’m guessing it’s as a result of the hamstring graft.

If I put pressure on my knee, for example when I’m on a bus and it jerks, I still feel the strain. So I’m especially careful around such situations. I don’t skip stairs, I walk on straight surfaces and I don’t put my knee in harm’s way.

I’m able to also start walking faster and my knee is gradually getting stronger.

Most importantly, I attend almost every weekly physio session. According to my physiotherapist, the formative weeks after ACL surgery is the most important! The most important is having to stretch the graft in the days after surgery, if not you may suffer the life long effects of a tight knee that is not able to bend fully.

Not able to squat fully

I’m still not able to squat fully, meaning my knee is not able to bend all the way. My knee feels pain when it is at the extreme bending point, meaning if it is at 160 degrees (if a straight leg is at 0 degrees). I will update more on when I’m able to fully squat.

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