[Week 12] Post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery

So I’m at the 3rd month mark, and the physiotherapists have “graduated” me from basic static exercise rehab classes. I’m now to proceed to active exercise rehab sessions after today’s session.

So it has been 3 months of static exercises sessions (weights, squats, cycling etc), and now the next 3 months will be active exercise sessions. This means that I will be running, jumping and pivoting, basically doing exercises which train my knee to be able to take the impact from my daily life.

My knee feels like it should be able the impact. I’m already walking fast “chasing” after the bus, albeit very carefully.

Still not able to squat fully

No changes in that I’m still not able to squat fully. When I squat, I feel pain at at my knee joint and I have to compensate using my left knee.

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