[Week 13] Post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery (started active exercises)

So I’ve moved on to start impact cardio. Though the physiotherapist still asked me to cycle (static exercise) to warm up. I was very careful throughout the rehab session. Being a sports person growing up, this felt very weird to be so careful. But alas, got to take care of my knee now.

At this point, my kneecap experiences pain. The static exercises that I was doing to strengthen the muscles on my thigh have taken a toll on my kneecap and when I do the wall squats, my knee cap hurts. I’m hoping that goes away as I start doing .

So for rehab this session at week 13 post acl surgery, after warming up on the bike, I was started on the treadmill. It started with a walk and then proceeded for a slow jog session for about 10mins.

After that we proceeded to do some simple pivoting exercises on the agility ladder.

It wasn’t too intensive as I think we were supposed to ease into the exercise week by week. So what we did was just (very slowly) to step in and out of the agility ladder.

All in all, was a good session to be doing non-static exercises and I’m looking forward to doing more with my knee.

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