[Week 2] Day 12 – Appointment with Doctor and 3rd physiotherapy session

Pain – 2.5/10

Mobility – 5.5/10

Had an appointment to see the doctor (junior doctor, not the doctor who operated on me) today. Quite disappointed with the appointment. I saw the Doctor for barely 1 min. I think he was rushing for lunch because as soon as he shoo-ed me off, he left the building. Perhaps that is the difference between private doctors and government doctors.

So the doctor took a glance at the wound, said to remove the stitches, and to visit again in 2 months. I had some questions to ask which I did regarding the yellow stains on my leg, as well as the bruising on my ankle, and then I was off. It was literally a 1 min appointment. Oh well…

Removing of stitches from wound after ACL reconstruction surgery

wound on day 12 - before removing the stitches

wound on day 12 – before removing the stitches

They used a skin anesthesia first, called ethylchloride to mask the pain from the removal of stitches. Thereafter then did they remove the stitches.

Ethylchloride - Skin Anaesthesia

Ethylchloride – Skin Anaesthesia

Spraying with skin anaesthesia - ethylchloride

Spraying with skin anaesthesia – ethylchloride

Removing Stitches from wound post ACL surgery

Removing Stitches from wound post ACL surgery

Majority of the stitch on the large wound already dissolved,and they just removed the knot at the end.

ACL surgery wound stitches free

ACL surgery wound stitches free

With the stitches gone, I guess I can only get better as the wound heals. After this was done, it was on to physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

You can view here for more on week 3 physio. It was a step up from last week, and my leg felt fine. It was a rushed session as they slot me in last minute instead of me having to wait 3 hrs for the afternoon session, but I learnt all I needed to do.

There is now weights involved for the straight leg raise and hip abduction. And I also learnt wall squats, lunges and seated squats. With these new exercises, I feel a huge strain on my knee cap. The physio told me as this is the first time, not to push too hard, but once my knee is used to the exercises, to push harder.

Physiotherapy with weights 5lbs

Physiotherapy with weights 5lbs

My knee felt fine after these exercises (although during the exercises my knee cap felt it was going to pop), and I was then encouraged to not use crutches at all. All along, I’m under the impression that my knee cannot handle my body weight, but it actually can, 12 days after surgery. So I decided not to use it anymore, and I even went to walk at the nearby shopping mall after rehab. It felt good being able to walk on my own, albeit with the help of the brace, very slowly and limping around.

After I reached home, I did the full set of exercises again, and I’m actually glad to say, I feel I can walk on my own without crutches better. I’m not sure if it’s physiological, but physiotherapy pushes my knee a step further, and I want to say push as hard as you can at physio and you will see the results. 

Knee Brace unlocked to 60 degrees

Before I left, the physiotherapist unlocked my brace to 60 degrees. This means when I walk I’m now able to bend to 60 degrees. For me now, it’s still the straightening that’s causing problems. As for bending, I can bend to about 105 degrees, which is apparently good at this stage.

Off crutches & able to shower standing

I’m also off crutches. I’m able to walk without crutches, though I’m limping at times. I also showered standing for the first time since surgery today, and it’s pretty satisfying.

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