[Week 4] Day 22 – 28 Post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery

I can now walk normally off the brace if I choose to, but the physio says I should still wear the brace to prevent any further injury to the knee, and to allow the ACL graft to heal properly.

I will stop updating on the pain and mobility because there is not much pain left, only my limited range at the extremities of my knee (meaning I can stretch fully or bend fully). As for mobility, since I can walk, I’m mobile enough to get by. And I’m already back at work this week.

Since I can already walk normally, I don’t think so much about my knee as well. Prior to this week, walking down the stairs (in a normal motion) was difficult as my leg still had pain. This week, I’m able to do it better, and by next week there will probably be even less pain left.

Day 28 – Physiotherapy day (Week 4)

Learnt a new exercise for my hips, the reverse hip abduction.

Hip abduction reverse

Increased weights for my leg, now at 15 lbs for most exercises that need weights.

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