[Week 6] Post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery

Since I’m up and walking, that leaves less time for the updates on this blog. I’m already walking fine, and if I walk slow enough, it’s alright. But sometimes I’ll have to walk fast like to chase the bus, and my leg will hurt slightly. I’m also afraid to put pressure on it since I’m not sure what will happen.

Standing for long periods of time

Over the past weekend I was on my feet the whole time for 7 hours straight. After both days, my leg really ached. All the joints in it was aching. Since I didn’t want to exert too much pressure on my operated leg, I leaned more on my left leg. But by the end of the day, my legs were really killing me.

I asked the physio if this was healthy and she said that nope, by right I should take it slow. Standing for long periods of time post recovery is not healthy for my leg. So for those of you out there recovering from ACL surgery, DO NOT STAND TOO MUCH FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME!

Tight hamstring

Ever since the ACL surgery, I have had tight hamstrings when I sit for say 2 hours at a go or more. And it’s really tight and feels really uncomfortable. I heard all the horror stories about hamstring graft affecting the hamstring, and now I think it’s happening. My hamstring is not the same. It never used to be tight. I’ll keep updated on this issue in the coming weeks.

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